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The hyperpolarization of BIOPTRON medical light is a new revolutionary feature of our technology,

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The hyperpolarization of BIOPTRON medical light is a new revolutionary feature of our technology, based on the extraordinary optical properties of the C60 molecule, known as fullerene. The 1996 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded for the serendipitous discovery of this remarkable molecule, a third allotropic form of elemental carbon in nature. We have created and patented a fullerene nanophotonic filter capable of producing hyperpolarized light with 30-40% higher efficiency compared to medical (linearly polarized) BIOPTRON light.

The extraordinary properties of C60 are derived from its unique and rather spectacular structure. It is arranged in a pattern of 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons that can curl up and ultimately close to form a hollow cage. Fullerene is the only molecule of a single element to form a spherical, polyhedral cage. It is also the most massive and complex object in which wave-particle duality behavior has been observed.

Our newly patented fullerene-based filter acts as a nanophotonic generator of hyperpolarized light, transforming vertical linearly polarized light into a new form of light defined by icosahedral symmetry – the same symmetry as that of the fullerene molecule. Interestingly, some biological structures (such as clathrin, collagen, microtubules, cilia, centrioles, water and viruses) are also characterized by the same symmetry. Considering that the light – matter interaction at the nanoscale is shaped by the atomic structural and topological symmetries embedded in the system, the influence of light on matter is the most efficient when structured light interacts with structured matter that shares the same properties of symmetry. Hyperpolarized BIOPTRON light exploits this property, optimizing the effects of light on the human body leading to optimal health.

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