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Healthy, tasty grilling starts with the Masterpeice Cookware Grill, expertly constructed from Zepter Superior metal 316L.

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Healthy, tasty grilling starts with the Masterpeice Cookware Grill, expertly constructed from Zepter Superior metal 316L. The grill performs equally brilliant indoors or out, and is ideal for everything from vegetables to steaks and shrimp. The Grill elevates food from fatty drippings to wholesome, nutritious meals thanks to the raised perforations on its bottom. These aesthetically pleasing perforations will leave original grill-like marks on steaks, fish, poultry, kebabs and vegetables.

Perfect for use on all stove tops, as well as in ovens, the Masterpiece Cookware Grill is suitable for poultry, meat, roasts, vegetables, seafood, potatoes, and a range of other food. It features the patented Zepter Accuthermal Compact Bottom, consisting of 3 layers of different metals.

The unique combination of the Zepter Accuthermal Compact Bottom enables the cookware to accumulate and develop energy quickly. Heat rapidly passes through the bottom to the walls without losing its intensity, and then spreads evenly throughout the entire utensil. This property allows for cooking at low temperatures, reducing energy consumption and resulting in a healthier meal, as it prevents the loss of precious nutrients, which is the case when cooking at high temperatures, way above boiling point. The bottom also keeps very high temperatures without warping.

Cutting-edge technology and magnificent design means that every single detail of the Zepter Grill is carefully thought out and crafted with utter precision. The result is modern functional pots that protect your health and deliver tastier food. Here are 7 facts as to why Zepter is the world’s leading Cookware:  

1.    Highest Quality Materials: The 316L high-quality stainless steel used in the production of the Zepter Masterpiece cookware is exclusively used in applications where material quality matters the most: in surgical instruments, body implants, exclusive watches and other luxury products. This specific type of steel is non-porous, does not burn food while cooking, does not oxydise, does not retain food odours, causes no allergies and it is easy to clean. These qualities make it ideal for cooking food in a healthy way.  And when the Syncro-Clik® lid is added, the highest quality cooking vessels are turned into a turbo cooking experience. The perfect solution for a healthy meal in no time in today’s fast-paced world.

2.    Ingenious Design: The Zepter lid fits perfectly on the pot edge hermetically sealing it to create the closed circle cooking process and to prevent spillage of food during cooking. This smart design does not allow the cooking smell to escape from the pot thus leaving your home odorless and fresh. The multi-purpose lid can also be used as a protective stand or for serving food.

3.    Safety: Ergonomically designed for comfortable use, Zepter safe handles do not overheat so you can not burn yourself while cooking. They are oven safe in which case they do heat up and need to be handled with caution. Another intelligent and practical solution enables you to rest the lid on the handles.

4.    Healthy Cooking At Low Temperatures: The bottom of each Masterpiece Cookware pot is made of 3 layers of metal to induce, conduct and accumulate heat. A unique pressing machine that exerts 2000 tons of pressure is used to join the three-layered bottom with the body of the pot making it impossible to separate. The Zepter Accuthermal Compact Bottom accumulates energy from even the smallest heat source and transfers the heat quickly and evenly to the pot while the conductive properties allow for cooking at a reduced heat so that cooking proceeds at low temperatures. Cooking at low temperatures is essential for protecting foods nutrients from being destroyed, which is the case when food is cooked at high temperatures. This also saves up to 70% on energy.

5.    Non-Stick Technology: Zepter URA technology is a new revolutionary non-stick technology, altering the metal bottom surface of the pot at the molecular level. No harmful and toxic coatings are applied thus making the cookware absolutely safe to cook healthy and delicious meals.

6.    Less Fat: Research findings show that cooking with Zepter products in comparison with cooking in conventional cookware preserves 72% more vitamin A, 252% more calcium, 336% more phosphorus, and as much as 83% more iron. Natural fats found in meat are released during grilling in the Masterpiece Cookware so no additional oil is needed for cooking. This means that the meat cooked in such a way contains 67% less fat and chicken 51% less fat than the natural fat content. This is good news for people with high cholesterol levels. And it’s also good news for those of us at risk of cancer since 62% of all cancerous disease, (breast, colon, prostate, kidney), is caused by high-fat diets, obesity and poor food preparation using added fat, oils, salt and substandard utensils.

7.    Temperature Control: With the Zepter Thermocontrol, the desired temperature and time are set in just a few seconds at a mere touch of a button for a fully automated cooking. Imagine all the things you can do with this extra free time!

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